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Dr. Shefali   has over 20 years of experience in the field of  homeopathy, counseling, diet/nutrition  and has practiced in the UK, Switzerland, and India. She has treated a large number of acute, chronic and complicated cases of varying natures through classical homeopathic treatment. She also did clinical research in homeopathy through ICR, Pune, and obtained post graduate diploma in homeopathy from British Institute of Homeopathy, UK which enhanced her knowledge further in homeopathy. She attended various national and international workshops, seminars in homeopathy.   She is also a certified  Psychological Counselor  and  Nutritional Therapist . In addition, she has also studied various other healing techniques like Reiki, Bach's flower remedies, and meditative healing. Specialities Treating skin & hair loss, gynecological, chronic diseases, and chakra balancing & cleansing through homeopathic remedies & meditative healing techniques.   Degree B.H.M.S, PGHMD ( UK), P

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How  Affirmations Work Sharing an excerpt from a book " Scientific Healing Affirmation " by shri shri Paramhansa Yoganandji. Man's word is Spirit in man. Spoken words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thoughts; thoughts are vibration sent forth by the ego or by the soul. Every word you utter should be potent with soul vibration. Man's word should represent not only truth but also his definite understanding and realization. A man's words are lifeless if he fails to impregnate them with spiritual force. Speech without soul force is like husk without corn. All affirmations , to work , must be free from uncertainties and doubts. Attention and faith are lights and lead even imperfectly understood affirmations to the subconscious and superconscious minds. Affirmations for curing bodily afflictions should be repeated often, deeply and continuously, until they become part of one's profound intuitional conviction only than an expected change will be experienc


Omicron- variants of SARS-CoV-2 The new COVID Variant is named "Omicron", WHO or World Health Organization has designated the new COVID Variant as the Variant of concern. Symptoms of Omicron variants: Most common symptoms for the new COVID Variant “Omicron” are fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell. Less common symptoms for the new COVID Variant “Omicron” are sore throat, headache, aches, pains, diarrhoea, a rash on skin, discoloration of fingers or toes red or irritated eyes. Serious symptoms for the new COVID Variant “Omicron” are difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, loss of speech or mobility, or confusion or chest pain. If any of the symptoms experienced, please consult your doctor for advice and treatment.  We at Holistic Wellness clinic offer online consultation, please feel free to contact us on +919175958112.  WHO information and guidelines:   In an article that was published on 28 November 2021 on, it is mentioned that “It is not yet clear w

Tips for Mental Well-being

Good mental health is a key to happiness.  Mental well-being is a positive state of mind which can be achieved by following the tips mentioned in the image. Accepting yourself is the first step to mental well-being.  Accept your strengths and weaknesses both, you are unique, your qualities are unique to you which gives you your identity,allows you to love yourself for what you are, build good self esteem and helps in boosting your confidence.This can be achieved by practicing mindfulness, which is nothing but observing your own-self, working on your shortcomings and strengthening your strengths. You find  purpose of your life. Once you have accepted yourself, no longer validation from others is needed. Rather you learn to express gratitude to others, you start mastering your environment and get a realization that its not worth wasting energy in imitating or competing with others  Optimism follows once perspective towards self is positive. It keeps you Hopeful and Happy. 

Diet And Nutrition‎ - Diet to boost your immunity

When the world is in the war zone with Corona Virus (COVID19) the only  weapon to fight against it is our IMMUNITY!  If I tell you that the most convenient and easy weapon it is, would you believe me??? YES, JUST BY EATING RIGHT KIND OF  FOOD   FOOD  AND  FOOD!!!!!

Diet And Nutrition‎ - Your Weight Gain Probability & Analysis

Rate your weight probability: How easily can you put on   weight ? Score 1 point for each ‘yes’ answer. Do you eat white rice, white flour or white bread rather than whole grain more than three times per week? Do you have more than a pint (approx. 0.6 litres) of full fat dairy (milk, yoghurt) or more than 200 grams of full fat cheese a week? Do you have caffeinated drinks (green or black tea, coffee) after 4pm? Do you have snacks from vending machines (roasted/salted nuts, crisps, chocolate bars, M&M’s wine gums, fruit juice) more than twice a week? Do you add sugar to food or drink almost every day? Do you have foods or drinks with added sugars and or fruit juice (e.g. natural orange juice) almost every day? Do you eat fried food more than twice a week? Do you use salt on your food almost daily? Do you drink more than 10oz (28g) of alcohol (one glass of wine, 1 pint of beer, or one measure of spirits) a day? Do you eat processed ‘fast food’ more than twice a week? Do you eat proce